What’s It Like to Be a Chargeback Analyst

April 21, 2021
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by Ronen Shnidman

Justt maintains a large and growing staff of chargeback analysts to reduce chargebacks for our clients. Shifra Mordfin is a chargeback analyst and early employee of Justt. In this interview, she explains what a chargeback analyst does and what it’s like working at Justt.

RS: How would you explain chargebacks and chargeback mitigation to someone unfamiliar with the industry?

SM: Chargebacks are when people ask their bank for money back because they claim that there was a false charge on their card with reasons such as fraud, duplicate process, and not receiving the merchandise for which they paid. When the bank receives those claims, it takes the money from the company that supplied the merchandise, and gives it back to the customer. Oftentimes, the claims of false charges are incorrect and the customer is trying to avoid paying for the goods, what’s called “friendly fraud.” Our job is to work with the merchant to prove to Visa, Mastercard, or other card networks that the customer’s claims were false, and the company should get their money back from the bank.

RS: What sort of differences exist between customers/industries?

SM: Among our customers, we work with large neobanks, merchants and companies who sell cryptocurrencies, and they differ in terms of chargeback size and the complexity of the case. For example, we have a neobank customer that limits transaction size to $200. On the other hand, we have a merchant that has regular chargebacks in the tens of thousands of dollars. The case review for that merchant typically requires much more time than a neobank deposit. With cryptocurrencies the payments ecosystem is quite complex and there are more international cases that involve true fraud.
Whatever the industry, the documents that we send to card networks will look different depending on the company and what they do.

RS: Do you work with multiple customers or just focus on one?

SM: We’re all split into different groups so we can learn the most about our customer to help them win cases against false claims. I personally focus on one customer, Wyre, that provides crypto payments infrastructure.
I find my client fascinating because there are so many different cryptocurrencies out there and so many things to learn in the crypto world. Following crypto exchange rates for the day keeps me on my toes. It’s kind of like following stocks, except with a chance that the buyer will file a chargeback.

RS: What’s your favorite and least favorite part of the job?

SM: My favorite part of the job is that we can actually make a difference fighting chargebacks for our client companies. After 120 days we receive data on whether we won or lost the case. Even if we lose the case, I know that I did my best to get their money back to them on a false payment reversal and help them make money back that they shouldn’t have lost in the first place.
What excites me the most is the people at Justt with whom I work. I love my co-workers and bosses and it makes the jobs and tasks more enjoyable every day.
My least favorite part of the job is the repetitiveness of writing up cases to send to the card networks and seeing the same people make the same claims so often.

RS: What makes you good at your job?

SM: I would say my analytical skills which I’m always working on improving to help to build cases more quickly in the future.

RS: What professional experience did you have before starting this job?

SM: I worked at a call center for Sachlav Birthright Israel, so I am already used to repetitive tasks on the job. This is the first time I’m working at a job that I want to stay at during my four-year degree and get the experience of working at a startup in Tel Aviv.

RS: Do you have some knowledge you’d like to offer prospective employees who are interviewing?

SM: I would mention to them that Justt is a very young startup that is changing all the time. Just because your job is one thing one day, doesn’t mean it will be that way the next. Things are constantly changing, so stay flexible and open to new types of work and ideas.

RS: Why would someone want to work at Justt?

The people are awesome! Everyone who works in the company is incredible. The atmosphere in the office is super friendly. We all hang out with each other even if our teams’ work is unrelated.
Not that long ago the whole analyst team had a fun day in Tel Aviv that was the first time everyone saw each other during Corona. We had an all you can eat brunch at Sarona and a treasure hunt. It was great!
Being an analyst at Justt is a great student job. The job is very flexible and understanding in terms of student schedules.
Justt is a company that cares and that is growing insanely fast. I tell all my friends to send in a resume even if there isn’t a job opening at the moment.

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