Senior Tech Project Manager

About The Position

Justt is the world leader in fighting illegitimate chargebacks on behalf of merchants. Our chargeback mitigation solution uses smart technology to create a hands-off experience for merchants, while providing the highest overall success rates in the industry.

As our Senior Tech Project Manager, you will oversee Justt Tech’s internal and external efforts, and will have a significant part in living up to our vision, in advancing our roadmap deliverables and in our customers’ success. 

You will be reporting to Justt’s VP Product, while working across the entire Tech organization - Product, Engineering and Data Science. 

What you’ll be doing:

  • You will orchestrate all internal efforts within the Tech team, working with the Product, Eng and DS teams.
  • You will manage and run internal meetings, ceremonies and communications
  • You will be in charge of identifying challenges, risks and communicate those, along with plain old boring progress, on the committed timelines
  • You will balance roadmap and progress tasks together with ongoing onboarding tasks, required to support the addition of new customers (merchants) to Justt’s solution. 
  • You will collect data, analyze input and provide time estimates to the completion of various tasks and steps, up to completing and going live.
  • You will work closely with the sales and customer success teams to understand customer needs and the most critical parts for the customer in working with Justt, including going on customer calls or meetings when necessary
  • You will work closely with POCs from other internal teams, such as the solution, optimization and operations teams to make sure they are all provide their input or their deliverables for the completion of complex tasks and onboarding of customers.


  • Process-oriented: 3+ years Experience in technical project management - a must
  • Experience working with Jira - a must
  • Experience running project management in an agile startup environment - an advantage
  • Customer-oriented: Experience of working directly with large customers from various industries - a must
  • Tech-oriented: hands on testing experience, including API and large data transfer processes - a must
  • Analytics-oriented: excellent data collection and research skills - a must
  • Excellent written and verbal English skills - a must
  • Past experience in onboarding or customer success - Big advantage
  • Experience working in Start-Ups - An advantage
  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field required (Industrial Engineering, Information Systems or similar) - An advantage
  • Stacks of motivation, independence and a thirst for learning

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