Reason Code A02No Valid Authorization

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Card Issuer

American Express

Reason Code





The merchant processed a declined transaction, or the card was expired.


  • The transaction was completed after the transaction code and authorization code.
  • The transaction amount was over the merchant’s acceptable limit.
  • The card had expired, or the cardholder account was closed.


Cardholders and issuers have 120 days to file a dispute related to the claim against the merchant.

Merchants have 20 days to respond to the claim in dispute.

Steps to Prevention

  • Request authorization before you process the transaction.
  • Once the authorization is rejected, send a second authorization request, or cancel the transaction. Don’t proceed without authorization.  
  • Confirm the card’s expiry before completing a transaction. Instead, request an alternative method of payment if the card is expired. 
American Express Merchant Official Documentation
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