Chargeback Automation for eCommerce Merchants

Chargeback automation does away with the manual, labor-intensive aspects of the chargeback process, reducing costs and aggravation. Read to find out more.
by Ronen Shnidman
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Published: September 13, 2022
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According to a survey conducted by American Express Digital Payments, 36% of merchants experienced chargeback fraud in 2019. Altogether, false chargebacks are estimated to cost $125 billion per year around the globe. Experts predict the issue of chargeback fraud to only worsen as payments continue to migrate from cash and physical cards to digital card-not-present payments as eCommerce continues to grow.

With this level of chargeback fraud, eCommerce merchants must take additional safety measures to protect themselves from becoming a victim. One way eCommerce merchants are fighting back involves automating the chargeback management process.

In this article, you will learn exactly what chargeback automation is and how it can benefit your business.

What is chargeback automation?

Chargeback automation refers to a type of chargeback management solution that uses software tools to enable automatic, rules-based processing of chargebacks. These solutions are designed to allow merchants to respond to various chargeback circumstances without having to manually review each chargeback.

Handling chargebacks is not easy. It will cost you time, money, and resources, and there is no guarantee that you will be successful in your pursuit to recover lost revenue and minimize future disputes.

But, with the right solution, you can reduce the impact of chargebacks on your business. Justt's solution aims to help business owners save time and money as they pursue their merchant rights for chargebacks. It is a 100% risk-free automated chargeback solution that relies purely on success-based fees.

How does Justt’s chargeback automation solution help merchants?

By using application programming interfaces (APIs), Justt retrieves relevant chargeback data from the merchant and PSP systems. This enables the automated building of evidence to dispute chargeback cases.

In addition to automatically retrieving chargeback data and creating evidence documents to resolve chargeback cases, the Justt solution provides you with case performance data as part of its dashboard. The pieces of information included on the dashboard are chargeback posting dates, chargeback amounts, chargeback categories, associated documents and more.

Benefits of chargeback automation

According to recent research, merchant errors are responsible for about 15% of chargebacks. But, what do you do with the other 85% of chargebacks needlessly occupying your time?

To address the other 85% of chargebacks, Justt offers a solution that does away with the manual, labor-intensive aspects of the chargeback process. With the help of Justt, you can win more chargeback disputes and keep the profits you rightfully earned.

Proprietary technology: Benefit from our advanced AI technology

Get the most out of a system that employs AI and automation to handle chargebacks with pinpoint accuracy and ever-improving outcomes. The chargeback automation system offered by Justt has seen action in the millions of transactions it supports. Justt is familiar with the chargeback reason code and will know how to manage the situation regardless of the goods you sell.

Seamless integration: Easily connect our solution to your systems via API

Easy implementation, adaptability to change, integration with other systems, and enhanced performance are all qualities of a top-notch chargeback automation solution, such as Justt's. Justt's chargeback automation solutions will connect with your payment providers and other systems via API. This provides your customers with the same stress-free experience they’re used to.

Minimize future disputes

By analyzing data collected after a chargeback has occurred, businesses gain valuable insight into their customers' transactional habits. This allows them to plug any customer service gaps, better anticipate any future purchases that might result in a chargeback, and realign their plans accordingly.

The artificial intelligence at Justt is continuously improving its chargeback defense solution to specifically fit your company's needs. The automation of the solution is part of this as it allows the generation of more data for the AI element of the solution to leverage and optimize.

Recover lost revenue with chargeback automation

No feeling can compare to the sinking sensation of watching revenue slip through your fingers. With the rate of chargebacks continuing to grow, you need to start taking action today and implement an effective chargeback management solution. But, why are chargebacks a growing concern?

Customers are becoming more aware of using the chargeback process to their advantage to make a profit. In addition, with digital accounts constantly growing, it's easy for a family to share a single account. While convenient, this easily results in the primary account holder noticing charges made by other authorized users but thinking they are fraudulent. As this trend of shared online accounts develops, merchants need to start finding ways to recover lost revenue caused by chargebacks.

However, with the help of an automated chargeback solution, you can reduce these costs without any risk as Justt operates based on success-based fees. So, take back your time while still addressing your chargebacks with an automated chargeback solution that will outperform your current success rates.

Bottom line

The world of disputes and chargebacks needs to embrace automation at the same rate as the rest of the payments industry.

Automation in payment dispute resolution has the potential to advance the industry in several ways. This includes cost reduction, reduction of time spent on case handling, and elimination of the chance of error caused by humans.

In addition, it satisfies the demand for improved service to the consumer. In a market that is so intensely competitive, one negative interaction with a client might result in the loss of that customer, which is something that most sellers cannot afford. As a result, resolving any conflicts as promptly and accurately as possible is essential.

Combining proprietary technology, solid methodological know-how, and sophisticated customization, Justt has created a novel and holistic approach to handling chargebacks. Instead of worrying about chargebacks, fraud, and other disputes, Justt allows you to concentrate on running your business the way you intended while avoiding the headache of chargebacks.

Talk to Justt today and learn how it can help you win more chargeback disputes
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Ronen Shnidman
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