Respond to 100% of your chargebacks, automatically.

Whether it's one or one million, see how you can scale chargeback mitigation to any volume, no matter how complex the workflow may be.

See the software for yourself!

Profitability just got easier

Experience an AI engine that continually customizes itself, recommending new data point submissions, representment templates, and accommodating card scheme updates by analyzing the rolling history of your chargeback success performance.

Plug and play, redefined

Connect your payment service provider (PSP) in our Customer Hub in less than a minute! This allows the software to securely drive responses, retrieve and assemble evidence, and submit chargeback representment on your behalf quicker than ever before.

Automated evidence retrieval from day 1

We automatically retrieve evidence from your PSP the minute you go live via API or CSV files so you can start reaping the benefits of Justt right away.

More data = better win rates

Benefit from the network of Third Party Data API connections that Justt has established to support identity and delivery information gathering. The best part? It learns from each individual result and continues to get even more effective over time!

Domain expertise

Our in-house teams have extensive industry and domain knowledge. They partner with you throughout your journey, from onboarding, to reviewing and helping drive program improvements, to updating on the latest industry trends and compliance requirements so you don’t have to.
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