Everything merchants need for chargeback alerts, from a single vendor.

Never worry about jeopardizing your status with PSPs, acquiring banks, or payment networks again. Justt offers merchants the ability to gain full control over every aspect of their chargebacks, including pre-chargebacks alerts by Ethoca and Verifi.
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How Chargeback Alerts Work

At a Glance: Ethoca & Verifi

One solution, one vendor

Chargebacks are already complicated, and adding more vendors than you need can further exacerbate the burden. That’s why we offer merchants the ability to leverage either Ethoca or Verifi directly through Justt’s platform. We'll look at your chargeback ratios and work with you to better understand when it makes the most sense for your business to incorporate automating these alerts.
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Now you can maximize the efficiency of Ethoca or Verifi alerts together with Justt’s ability to automatically respond to 100% of your chargebacks.
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Merchants can achieve clarity around disputes spending and disputes ROI all in one location, with a single point of contact.
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Make your chargebacks more efficient while boosting your acceptance rates from the issuers. Justt helps you know when it makes sense to dispute a transaction so you’re never leaving money on the table.
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Everything is completely tailored to your specific end user flow, automatically tying in your alerts from Ethoca or Verifi in a cost effective way.

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Let us analyze if chargeback alerts are right for you

We'll analyze your business to determine if chargeback alerts can benefit your bottom line before you commit to either solution.

Learn More About Chargeback Alerts

Relying on Early Alerts for Chargeback Defense

You have a chargeback problem. Your chargeback ratio is too high, and the amount of money you are losing from handling payment reversals is significant. What are you going to do? Call ghostbusters? No, but seriously, you should consider the early warning services operated by the two largest card networks, Visa-owned Verifi and the MasterCard-controlled Ethoca...

Learning the ABCs of Chargeback Fees

Chargebacks don’t just entail payment reversals for merchants, but also additional fees levied by acquirers to cover the costs of managing the chargeback process

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