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Chargeback Protection Services – 
What You Should Know

Chargebacks represent a serious threat to any business that accepts credit or debit card payments as they can lead to significant financial losses and tarnished...
May 11, 2022
Buy Now Pay Later

Phocuswright 2023: BNPL is in the Ascendant in Travel, But the Chargeback Problem Remains

Explore the rising tide of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) in the travel industry unveiled at Phocuswright 2023. Get ready for the future of travel payments with a detailed analysis of BNPL adoption and its impact on chargeback management.

by Roenen Ben-Ami
November 15, 2023

Retail Report: Anticipating Cyber Monday Trends

Dive into insights on eCommerce growth, sales estimates, economic factors, and the rise of friendly fraud. Get prepared with expert analysis for a successful holiday season.

by Ronen Shnidman
November 14, 2023

How To Deal With Order Fulfillment Challenges During the Holiday Shopping Season

Prepare for the 2023 holiday season with expert strategies for effective order fulfillment. Discover how to meet high demand, handle order spikes, and optimize your supply chain to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid holiday anxiety.

by Ronen Shnidman
November 9, 2023
Travel & Hospitality

How to Deal with Disruptions Amid Peak Travel Season

A guide for travel and hospitality executives on managing peak season disruptions. Covers real-time data, staff training, customer communication, and inventory.

by Ronen Shnidman
November 6, 2023

Understanding Pre-transaction and Post-transaction Fraud: Meaning, Prevention & Mitigation

Pre-transaction and post-transaction fraud prevention is critical to your bottom-line as a merchant. Find out what they mean and how you can protect yourself on both sides of the transaction.

by Ronen Shnidman
November 1, 2023
News and Justt Partner to Revolutionize Fraud Prevention and Chargeback Management for Gaming, Gift Card, and Crypto

AI leaders Justt and team up to protect high-risk digital transactions.

by Justt
October 23, 2023

MRC Athens 2023: The Importance of Getting Incentives Right

MRC Athens 2023 featured a diverse set of speaker sessions from October 9-11, but one leitmotif during many of them was the importance of adjusting incentives for parties in the eCommerce ecosystem to reduce fraud and boost authorization rates.

by Ronen Shnidman
October 16, 2023

MAG 2023: Advocacy Is Key to Keeping Up to Speed in the Payments Industry

A key theme at MAG in Atlanta this year was the importance of advocacy and technological adaptation. Read how merchants can stay competitive!

by Eric Dates
October 2, 2023
Business Health

Leveraging Social Media Evidence for Chargeback Disputes

Social media platforms reveal significant customer behavior and can play a pivotal role when your store is unjustly dealing with customer chargeback disputes.

by Ronen Shnidman
September 29, 2023

Merchants Face Growing Revenue Loss from Chargebacks, Report Shows

More than a quarter of companies now lose $5M a year or more to transaction disputes, according to Justt’s 2023 Chargeback Pulse report.

by Justt
September 27, 2023

Justt and Forter Join Forces to Automate and Streamline Chargeback Management at Scale

by Justt
September 13, 2023

MAG 2023: Merchants Worry About Consumer Spending, While Labor Markets Hold Up

by Ronen Shnidman
September 12, 2023
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