Midigator Vs. Justt: Understanding the Differences

Midigator vs. Justt: Wondering which is the best chargeback management solution for your needs? Read on for a detailed comparison to effectively protect yourself from chargeback fraud.
by Ronen Shnidman
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Published: March 12, 2023
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Chargeback management solutions are necessary for merchants today to minimize and prevent revenue losses from the rising incidence of card-not-present chargebacks.

The major card networks, such as Visa and Mastercard, have complex and regularly evolving rules concerning chargeback resolution. Keeping track of these regulations isn’t easy for merchants focused on growing their businesses. Moreover, the process typically takes up to 120 days, with claims often settled in favor of cardholders.

Chargeback mitigation solutions such as Midigator and Justt step in here to help merchants reduce losses due to fraudulent claims by making the chargeback management process more efficient.

Midigator vs. Justt

Midigator uses technology and representment templates to help merchants in-house chargeback teams build evidence to fight chargeback cases more efficiently. Justt uses technology to make the entire chargeback representment process hands-free for merchants, automated so it can scale with the volume of chargebacks the merchants receives, and data-driven so the product improves at fighting chargebacks over time. Let’s look at a detailed comparison of the two solutions across different vital criteria.

Pros and Cons


Midigator is a technology-based platform that helps fight chargebacks using real-time data. It is a chargeback management tool that can be used across industry verticals, irrespective of their size. However, its invoice billing needs to be more specific, and it often has a reputation for missing out on uploading chargeback documents. This sometimes results in merchants losing their chargeback cases.


Justt is a comprehensive solution that handles merchants’ chargeback management for them from start to finish. It builds and submits evidence against chargebacks so that merchants can recover lost funds seamlessly. Other key differences between Justt and Midigator are the former’s ability to tailor its solution to a specific merchant’s chargeback needs and its reliance on machine learning to foster continuous data driven improvements in the solution’s performance in resolving chargebacks favorably.

About the Companies


Midigator was founded in 2013. Their headquarters are in  American Fork, Utah, while its parent company, Equifax, is based in Atlanta, Georgia (Equifax acquired Midigator in 2022).


Justt is based in Tel Aviv, Israel –-- a global hub of startups and cutting-edge technology – with a strong commercial presence in the U.S.. Founded in 2020, it is backed by leading VC investors, such as  Oak HC/FT and Zeev Ventures and angel investors like former Visa USA President and CEO Carl Pascarella and former PayPal President and Facebook executive David Marcus, among others. As a technology startup, Justt places great importance on adapting state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to the needs of merchants facing chargebacks. This means that Justt’s solution is always seeking ways to improve chargeback reversal win rates, using past chargeback cases as a guide.

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Chargeback mitigation solutions help you manage your chargebacks and win claims in your favor. They should also be able to provide you with insights and trends, with the help of which you can make crucial business decisions.


Midigator has a simple layout and intuitive dashboard to manage and control your chargeback cases. It offers dispute template responses, basic analytics, consolidated chargeback reporting, and custom notifications.


Justt’s Customer Hub includes features that help you track chargeback data, identify and analyze trends and receive notifications when chargebacks occur.  Among the advantages of the Customer Hub is the ability to aggregate and drilldown chargeback status details across different PSPs/acquiring banks, reason codes and months. The company is also constantly innovating and rolling out new, advanced features. This includes the ability to predict chargeback win rates, the ability to explain past chargeback wins, the capability to distinguish between true fraud and friendly fraud chargebacks, and a system for ranking what additional data points will strengthen your compelling evidence, thereby boosting win rates.

Software & Integrations


Midigator is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) chargeback management solution. It can be integrated via secure API with most payment, sales, and eCommerce software solutions like your CRM, as well as other third-party applications. Some of the most commonly used integrations for Midigator include Stripe, Shopify, Authorize.Net and WooCommerce.


Justt is also a cloud-based chargeback management solution. Justt’s secure API is already integrated with 24 payment service providers (PSPs), with the number growing on a monthly basis. It can connect to them automatically during a simple onboarding flow once a merchant’s limited credentials have been received. Justt also has integrations with a variety of CRM and eCommerce software solutions in order to pull more data automatically from merchant systems to ensure better chargeback dispute outcomes. In cases where pre-existing software integrations do not exist or are not enough, Justt will provide a customized API to pull client’s merchant data. Alternatively, merchants can choose to manually upload data from their systems to Justt if they so desire. Justt also maintains  integrations with third-party data providers to enrich the data provided by the merchant and their PSP to better address chargeback claims.


Learning to use a new software tool can be challenging. Therefore, ensuring that proper training is available becomes vital. 


Midigator has a range of recorded webinars, documentation, and videos to help you learn how to use it, since your internal team will need to build the representment evidence using the tool. In addition, they also offer live online training.


Justt believes in making things straightforward and hands-free for merchants. You only need to contact your customer success manager to ask questions about the chargebacks being handled for you by their automated intelligent solution. There is no need for investing significant resources in training with Justt.


When choosing a software solution, having access to customer care around the clock is essential for rectifying any problems quickly.


Midigator has a variety of platforms to provide customer support. You can write to their customer support team via email and the help desk. In addition, they also offer telephone and chat support. The FAQs, forum, and knowledge base are also very useful for  employees seeking to troubleshoot.


Justt provides round-the-clock customer service. You can reach the support through email and the online help desk or speak to live representatives over chat. In addition, they have a helpful FAQ section and a blog.

Each customer at Justt is assigned a customer success manager to answer any questions and assist with any issues that may arise.  Since use of Justt is hands-free for merchants, almost all problems can be resolved by simply contacting your customer success manager.


The price of the tool you choose is an essential criterion while making a decision. Transparency, affordability, and trustworthiness are all crucial factors when evaluating a software solution’s price.


Midigator does not explicitly state its price structure online. 


Justt is a bit more transparent in that sense. For clients that go with the success-based pricing model, Justt charges up to a 35 percent fee for chargeback cases that are won. Under this model, you only pay fees when you recover revenue. Justt also offers a more standard solution pricing model with a monthly solution fee and a volume-based fee per chargeback processed.


Midigator Alternatives

Some other alternatives to Midigator include:

  • Chargehound - Similar to Midigator, Chargehound is a chargeback mitigation tool that helps internal teams at merchants build evidence for representment. It also enables the partial automation of the filling of chargeback representment templates to make internal teams more efficient.
  • Chargeback Gurus - Chargeback Gurus help businesses to recover revenue lost to chargebacks by using offshore manual review teams and standard representment templates to build cases for chargeback disputes.
  • Chargebacks 911 - Chargebacks 911 is another manual outsourced solution provider for chargeback resolution efforts. It also relies on standard templates and semiskilled labor to fight chargebacks.

Choose the tool that is best suited to your requirements

In conclusion, both chargeback mitigation solutions are reputable solutions to manage chargebacks. While Midigator focuses on mitigating chargebacks by making a merchant’s internal chargeback team more productive, Justt goes much further by taking care of the entire chargeback process for the merchant while utilizing artificial intelligence and large quantities of data to constantly improve chargeback win rates. If you are looking for a holistic solution that takes chargebacks off your hands so you can focus on other aspects of your business, Justt is an excellent solution.

Ultimately, the solution you choose should meet your unique business requirements. Hence, it is pertinent to speak to the sales team of each vendor you’ve shortlisted before zeroing in on the chargeback management solution you need.

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