Chargeback ROI Calculator

Try Justt's 4 step ROI Calculator to determine the true cost of your business' chargeback losses. Get a clear analysis of potential ROI for implementing Justt's chargeback solution.
* Justt's ROI Calculator is a free tool provided for informational purposes only. Its findings are based on industry benchmarks and should not be construed as a legally binding commitment by Justt regarding actual savings or chargeback mitigation performance for your company.

To estimate chargeback costs and projected savings for the purposes of solution implementation requires access to merchant and PSP data. Justt complies with all relevant data security and privacy regulations and industry standards. A non-disclosure agreement can also be signed before the exchange of such information.

To get a more detailed estimate of your potential savings and a performance commitment please contact [email protected] to talk to one of our chargeback experts.

More Revenue, Less Work

Take advantage of a solution that utilizes artificial intelligence and automation to address chargebacks with precision while constantly improving results.

With Justt, Merchants Will:

Recover 3X the industry average in successful chargeback disputes.
Gain chargeback intelligence that can be used to improve regular business operations.
Secure a better reputation with acquirers and issuers.
View a monthly breakdown of dispute performance across the chargeback lifecycle.
Replace manual chargeback aggravation with hands-free convenience.
Receive an expert evaluation of the impact of your checkout and fulfilment flows.
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