G2A Rapidly Routs Friendly Fraud with Artificial Intelligence


Increase in the win rate for reversing chargebacks in the first full month of working together.

Renewed Focus

Renewed focus for G2A on primary business goals, namely supporting sellers on the G2A marketplace.


A reduction in organizational complexity as chargebacks were no longer handled by G2A.



In total revenue recovered
over the first 12 months.


All done while managing a caseload that grew 345% as Melio dramatically increased its revenue and scaled up operations.

The Challenge:

Digital goods marketplace G2A had a strong system in place for preventing third-party eCommerce fraud but was still struggling with first-party misuse (AKA friendly fraud). The company needed a chargeback fraud solution that could profitably handle chargebacks for low-ticket items at scale and was looking for an experienced, trustworthy partner to shoulder the burden. G2A’s need became even more pressing as part of its decision to expand into selling digital goods besides gaming products. More products sold and greater sales volume were anticipated to naturally lead to more chargebacks, adding to the haste with which the company wanted to start tackling chargebacks effectively.

The Solution:

The client wanted to get started quickly, so Justt implemented a customized chargeback mitigation solution relying on payment service provider (PSP) data only within less than a month. This way, G2A could reduce its internal team’s workload immediately and start to see financial returns without delay. At a later stage, Justt began adding merchant data points to feed the solution and boost win rates even higher.

“The speed with which Justt’s solution produced superior results was simply remarkable. For companies that wish to have state of the art chargeback fraud prevention as part of a broader anti-fraud strategy, it is a necessary component.”
Wojciech Gryzlo
Sellers Partnership Team Leader

G2A is one of the largest digital goods marketplaces with over 20 million clients around the world and hundreds of millions of products sold to date. The marketplace is a major force in the resale market for gaming products.


G2A has a reputation for implementing serious, multilayered fraud prevention, with the company winning CardNotPresent’s Merchant Team of the Year Award in 2021. The company has over 400 employees spread across the globe.

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