A Complete Chargeback Solution for eCommerce

Take advantage of a solution that utilizes artificial intelligence and automation to address chargebacks with precision while constantly improving results.
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A fully-automated solution that helps you:

Recover 3X the industry average in successful chargeback disputes.
Replace manual chargeback aggravation with hands-free convenience.
Secure a better reputation with your payment service provider (PSP)
Gain chargeback intelligence that can be used to improve regular business operations.
Receive an expert evaluation of the impact of your checkout and fulfillment flows.
View a monthly breakdown of dispute performance across the chargeback lifecycle.

Available for Merchants in Every Industry that Accepts Digital Payments

Significantly increase your win rates with an AI solution that’s constantly fighting on your behalf, specific to your industry.
Tight margins got you squeezed? Gain some breathing room with Justt and recoup up to 1% of gross revenue.
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Lost in a sea of payment disputes? Find a solution that integrates seamlessly into the complex patchwork of travel systems.
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Don’t play with chargebacks. Ensure your published games are converting the revenue they earn into bottom-line profits.
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Don’t D(A)O chargebacks yourself. Utilize our API to transfer the burden to experts and focus on running your exchange.
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Plug your growth gap. Leverage a chargeback solution to recover revenues without sacrificing agility.
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Every customer is a gamble. Implement a solution that avoids additional friction and risk while preserving revenue.
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No money, no ticket. It should be that simple but with friendly fraud chargebacks it never is. Until you implement Justt.
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Unlock the power of AI to handle your chargebacks at scale.
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