[Webinar] The Next Wave of Friendly Fraud Chargebacks

May 4, 2022
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by Justt Staff

Last week we held a live webinar with CardNotPresent.com on Friendly Fraud Chargebacks.  Our panelists included our CRO Roenen Ben Ami, our Head of Partnerships Nadav Moskovitch and Jonathan Passwell VP BD for Holisto.

Friendly fraud is a significant problem in e-commerce and it’s getting worse. In this webinar, we will learn how friendly fraud is changing, the cause of friendly fraud chargebacks, ways to deal with them and their relationship with other types of emerging fraud. A panel of fraud veterans explore the bounds of the friendly fraud problem and the difference a solution can have on a company's bottom-line. Join us and get answers to questions you've always wanted to ask.

The webinar highlighted

  • The importance of fine-tuning your Terms & Conditions
  • The tradeoff between returns and return fraud vs. increased friendly fraud
  • Handling true fraud vs. friendly fraud chargebacks
  • What friendly fraud solutions exist in the market today

You can see a recording of the webinar below:

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