Understanding Customer Attitudes Towards Chargebacks in 2023

Explore the differences in chargeback behavior among UK and US consumers in our 2023 report on customer attitudes towards chargebacks.
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by Ronen Shnidman
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Published: July 11, 2023
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Justt is excited to release the second annual Customer Attitudes Toward Chargebacks report.

Comparing survey data between American and British consumers across two years, the 2023 release offers new insights that can help explain consumer behavior toward chargeback use in both countries.

Noteable Takeaways

This year's data highlights shifting attitudes in the United Kingdom.

The U.K. dealt with supply chain and capacity issues in 2023, which appears to have affected consumer readiness to use chargebacks. Unlike in 2022,  Brits are now as chargeback trigger-happy as their American neighbors. Moreover, the robust cohort of serial chargeback users first observed in the United States is now visible among U.K. consumers.

In addition, collected data showed further changes in consumer attitudes toward alternative payment methods such as Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) and cryptocurrency. Novel payment methods growth rates faltered amid the current economic pullback, but both industries show stable adoption rates. That success also serves as a cautionary tale, as returning growth as the economy improves could signal a potential surge in chargeback volumes. Proactive efforts toward mitigating BNPL and fiat-to-crypto chargebacks are needed in order to maintain financial stability and customer satisfaction levels.

Importance of Education

Another significant takeaway from the 2023 survey is the pressing need for continued consumer education.

Despite the growing popularity of chargebacks, a substantial portion of consumers still possess limited awareness of how the chargeback process actually works. That knowledge gap highlights an opportunity for merchants and other payments industry stakeholders to repair the education deficit and empower consumers to make better informed decisions.

This year's report notes an increase in consumer willingness to use a chargeback. As a result, the number of respondents filing multiple disputes jumped, a trend that requires redress. As chargeback-related pressure continues to grow—new defensive strategies are needed starting with educating staff on consumer behavior trends and educating customers on getting in touch to resolve complaints before escalating.

Access the Report

Download the survey report to gain additional invaluable insights into consumer attitudes toward travel and gaming chargebacks, refund policies, and filing reason codes.

Industry players can use the data to tailor their mitigation strategies to the ever-changing landscape of chargeback management.

Featured Resource
Understanding Consumer Attitudes Towards Chargebacks
We've researched the similarities and differences among UK and US consumers when it comes to filing chargeback disputes in 2023.
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Ronen Shnidman
Ex-journalist and major fan of fintech and OSINT, I write regularly for leading industry outlets in finance and fraud prevention. Outlets I contribute to include Payments Dive, Finextra, and Merchant Fraud Journal, and I have been cited by PYMNTS.com
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