Justt and Forter Join Forces to Automate and Streamline Chargeback Management at Scale

by Justt
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Published: September 13, 2023
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TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Justt, a trailblazer in smart chargeback automation, today announced it has joined Forter's Partner Program to help automate and streamline chargeback management at scale within a single platform.

Chargebacks are a growing and costly challenge for merchants with friendly fraud and service chargebacks increasing exponentially year-over-year. According to a recent Justt survey conducted in May, 78% of Americans filed a chargeback in the past 12 months – a 12 percentage point increase over last year.

This new partnership and integration extends both companies' use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automate one of the most manual aspects of the digital commerce journey in order to improve win rates and recover lost revenue.

The Forter-Justt partnership offers clients a strong, streamlined remedy for all types of chargebacks. Together, this partnership offers:

  • Ability to automate the end-to-end dispute response process, removing manual constraints and improving dispute and recovery rates.
  • Enhanced resolution performance as a result of Forter-specific insights from their extensive network of online retailers.
  • Best-in-class representment letters that are customized and tested based on reason code and bank preference, leveraging AI and machine learning.
  • Full visibility into all chargebacks, regardless of processor(s), in one central solution to view, manage, dispute, and track performance.

    With this partnership, clients can continue to focus on growing revenue and reducing losses by minimizing the manual effort associated with chargebacks.

    "We're thrilled that Justt has joined our partner ecosystem, expanding Forter's ability to increase trust and value for our customers. Together, we're helping merchants optimize the chargeback process, using automation and machine learning to intelligently and efficiently resolve disputes," commented Eran Vanounou, chief technology officer at Forter. "This partnership not only eliminates manual tasks but also enhances recovery rates and retrieves more lost revenue."

    "Justt's partnership with Forter brings our state-of-the-art chargeback solution to a diverse, global pool of merchants eager to work with innovative solution providers," said Ofir Tahor, Justt's CEO. "We look forward to continuing to push the envelope with Forter on bringing new technology to address e-commerce merchants' need for a post-transaction solution combatting friendly fraud and all illegitimate chargebacks."

    Source: PRNewswire

    About Justt

    Founded in 2020, Justt is dedicated to helping online merchants navigate the complex and costly system for credit card disputes. The company's smart technology and in-house expertise successfully resolves chargebacks for merchants, automatically reuniting them with their revenue. Justt's proprietary AI pulls the best evidence to build merchants' most compelling defense and keeps getting smarter with time, so win rates continue to grow.

    About Forter

    Forter is the Trust Platform for digital commerce. We make accurate, instant assessments of trustworthiness across every step of the buying journey. Our ability to isolate fraud and protect consumers is why Nordstrom, Instacart, Adobe, Priceline, and leaders across industries have trusted us to process more than $500 billion in transactions. Our deep understanding of identity and use of automation helps businesses prevent fraud, maximize revenue and deliver superior experiences for their consumers. Learn more at www.forter.com.

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