Hello Justt, Goodbye AcroCharge!

Justt ballon

Today is a big day! AcroCharge comes out of stealth today with a new name: Justt.

Roenen Ben-Ami presenting Justt

We changed the name to better reflect what my co-founder Roenen Ben-Ami and I went into business together to do: take the outdated and often unfair credit card payment dispute process and make it fair, easy and simple for merchants. Chargebacks have always been stacked against merchants – and we are here to change that.

Merchants are the lifeblood of our communities, providing the goods and services that supply life’s necessities and make living more enjoyable. So why do we have them wasting their time and energy dealing with credit card chargebacks, when they should be focused on growing their businesses?

Justt swag

My previous startup, Shopial, which I ended up selling to Magento, was in the eCommerce space. I experienced first-hand the painful hassle merchants went through when dealing with chargebacks – so when Roenen approached me for advice on building AcroCharge, I couldn’t have been more excited. The more I worked with Roenen the more I couldn’t believe how low-tech and labor-intensive the chargeback process actually is. A field in need of innovation and an authentic entrepreneur ready to do it!

Roenen, thank you for sharing your idea with me. I knew after we first met that you were the real deal.

After many months of transatlantic phone calls and helping where I could, I decided it was time to take the entrepreneurial plunge again. I moved back to Israel with my family and joined AcroCharge as CEO. Together with Roenen, we quietly set about building a team and working on bringing a tailor-made approach and innovative technology to fighting credit card disputes.

Since then it’s been a crazy ride. In just the past 11 months, over 110 new members have joined our growing family, we’ve gained the support of a group of elite investors and well-known VCs and we’ve onboarded customers at an incredible pace.

elite investors and well-known VCs and we’ve onboarded customers at an incredible pace

It took a lot of thought and effort to bring together a large group of people not only focused on a single goal but ready to grow as individuals along with the company. Ambitious, forward-thinking people who enjoy seeing each other everyday and hanging outside the office. To pull it off in the time of Covid-19 was a miracle and not one entirely in our control. To each and every one of you, I want to say thank you!

To our current and future customers: Our company delivers a custom solution made exclusively for you based on your industry and company’s previous chargeback history, end user flow, and available merchant data. Our solution is built for the 21st century, with AI and automation to help cut down the time it takes to process a chargeback case and optimize success rates.

Our company delivers a custom solution made exclusively for you

Leave the chargeback battles to us – the dedicated team of chargeback ninja nerds who live for this stuff – so you can get on with everything else you’d rather be doing and need to be doing for your company.

For merchants, it just means one thing. We simply take care of chargebacks for you in a way that’s easy, understandable and fair. It’s Justt.

Welcome to payments innovation! 

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