Reason Code F30EMV Counterfeit

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Card Issuer

American Express

Reason Code





The merchant processed a transaction using a counterfeit card, and the cardholder denied participating in the transaction. The merchant didn’t flag the counterfeit card because they used a POS system that’s not chip and PIN enabled, or they manually keyed the transaction.


  • The POS wasn’t chip-enabled, or the merchant manually keyed the transaction.
  • The merchant didn’t fully transmit chip data.


Cardholders and issuers have 120 days to file a dispute related to the claim against the merchant.

Merchants have 20 days to respond to the claim in dispute.

Steps to Prevention

The merchant should:

  • Only use EMV-compliant terminals.
  • Use correct verification methods – signature and PINs.
  • Train their staff on the proper ways to handle terminal issues.
  • Take a manual or electronic imprint of every card-present transaction.
American Express Merchant Official Documentation
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