Reason Code ATAuthorization Non-compliance

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The merchant processed a transaction without getting a positive authorization response, or a response came after the card’s expiry.


  • The merchant processed the transaction without voice approval or electronic authorization. 
  • The merchant forced the transaction after receiving a negative authorization response.


Cardholders and issuers have 120 days to file a dispute related to the claim against the merchant.

Merchants have 30 days to respond to the claim in dispute.

Steps to Prevention

  • Send authorization requests before you process a transaction. 
  • When you get a declined response, terminate the transaction or request a different payment method. You can also send a second authorization request as a confirmation but don’t proceed without authorization. 
  • Check if the card is expired or not. If expired, request an alternate form of payment.
  • Train your staff on the proper procedures of obtaining and handling authorization.
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