Reason Code UA02Fraud/Card-Not-Present Environment

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The cardholder claims that they did not participate in or authorize a card-not-present transaction. It could be a telephone, mail or internet order.


  • The merchant didn’t seek an authorization request before completing the transaction.
  • The merchant makes several attempts on a declined card or tries to circumvent, override or force a declined authorization request.
  • A fraudster completed a transaction using stolen account or payment credentials.
  • Friendly fraud. For example, the customer completed the transaction and forgot that they did so.


Cardholders and issuers have 120 days to file a dispute related to the claim against the merchant.

Merchants have a flexible number of days to to respond to the claim in dispute.

Steps to Prevention

  • Always obtain authorization before completing a transaction, regardless of the transaction amount.
  • Stop a transaction if the card is declined.
  • Request for an alternative method of payment.
  • Use accurate and easily recognizable billing descriptors.
  • Train your staff to make clear differentiations between card-present and card-not-present transactions.
  • Use fraud detection tools like AVS (Address Verification Service) and CID (card identification codes).


The card issuer gets 30 extra days to file a chargeback if they submitted a retrieval request which was completed after the 120 days.

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