Reason Code 4834Correct Transaction Currency Code Not Provided/Currency Error (Europe)

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Card Issuer


Reason Code



Interaction Error


The cardholder states they didn't have the opportunity to choose a currency, or the merchant incorrectly applied currency conversions.


  • The merchant chooses the wrong currency during transaction processing.
  • Alternatively, the merchant applied dynamic currency conversion without getting the customer's consent.


Cardholders and issuers have 90 days to file a dispute related to the claim against the merchant.

Merchants have 45 days to respond to the claim in dispute.

Steps to Prevention

  • Don't automatically apply dynamic currency conversion without consent from the cardholder.
  • Communicate to customers about currency conversions that apply, plus all fees.
  • Allow customers to pay in their local currency.
  • Train your sales staff on the correct protocols for handling different currencies.
Mastercard Merchant Official Documentation
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